Beautiful Nails Every Day

The Perfect Formula product line is designed to make beautiful hands and feet easily achievable for anyone. Our unique nail strengthening formulas have given thousands of women longer, stronger, healthier natural nails.

Whether you have brittle or weak nails, nails that split or peel or even nails that have been damaged by acrylic, gel or glue, Perfect Formula products can help them become strong, healthy and beautiful.

Achieving strong, natural nails is not only possible for anyone, but it is simple when you have the right tools and, of course, the most Perfect Formulas.

- Shari Gottesman, Perfect Formula Founder

Nail Care Tips & Tricks

We believe in longer, stronger, more beautiful natural nails for all.  So we’ve curated a collection of nail care tips & tricks to address nail shape, nail care, manicures, pedicures, nail tools, and more…all in one place:  Pinterest!

Nail Care Tips & Tricks

House of Beauty Tips

We hope you enjoy perusing our Pinterest collection (and Follow Us!) to learn how you can achieve longer, stronger, more beautiful nails!

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