Nail Guard System

Nail Guard System
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Nail Guard System

Strengthens & Seals. Promotes a combination of protection and strength for longer stronger nails.

Gel Coat

The "Suit of Armor" for your nails. It is the ultimate product to thicken thin weak or brittle nails and make them strong, hard and beautiful. Gel Coat creates a protein rich coatings which instantly strengthens, seals and protects natural nails so they can grow strong and long. Extensive laboratory testing proves that when tested against the top selling brands Gel Coat creates a stronger coating on the nail which dries harder and is less likely to chip.

Who is it for?

Gel Coat is formulated for any nail type so whether your nails are thin soft and weak or dry and brittle Gel Coat will work for you.


Apply one coat to clean dry nails. If you are using nail polish you can apply it over the dry layer of Gel Coat. If you are not using nail polish apply an additional coat over the dry layer of Gel Coat. You can re-coat anytime you wish for extra strength. Remove once weekly and re-apply. If you are using Strong Nail Strengthening Therapy apply first and then apply Gel Coat.

Crystal Nail File (140 mm)

The unique patented surface of the crystal file easily shapes and files. It creates a smooth seal at the edge of the nail which helps prevent splitting and breaking. Traditional files are abrasive on the nails and cause microscopic splits and breaks that we do not initially see. The Crystal File not only shapes the nails but seals the edges to protect against splits and breaks. This crystal filing tool is gently enough to use on weak nails and abrasive enough to use on acrylic nails. Use the Crystal File on polished or unpolished nails. The file will last forever! The surface will never dull. To clean, rinse gently in warm water.