Gel Coat Colors-Mystic (Mini)


Healthy nails + fabulous fashion Get strength and color all in one formula!  The Gel Coat Color formulation creates a thick, protein-rich coating that immediately strengthens, seals, and protects natural nails so they can grow healthy, strong and beautiful.  Gel Coat Color is the same fabulous Gel Coat strengthening formula, now available in classic colors. Perfect Formula's Gel Coat Color in Mystic creates a thick, strong coating over the nail while covering it in a beautiful pearlescent pink shade. The gel coat formula contains keratin which adds temporary, instant strength and temporary, measurable thickness to nails. No soaking is necessary! Gel Coat Colors can be easily removed with any nail polish remover. This mini size of 0.17 fl oz is perfect for travel, on the go, or put it in your purse!

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