Mani Monday with Courtney Woods

Mani Monday with Courtney Woods
Today’s Mani Monday is from working mom of three gals and photographer Courtney Woods. Check out her top tips for a home manicure and the easy nail trend she’s currently digging. You can find Courtney on Instagram and her photography Facebook page.

How do you prep your hands for the perfect at-home manicure?
I always start by moisturizing my cuticles and pushing them back. My hands get so dry because they are always in water so moisturizer is a must! After that I’ll trim my nails down and shape them. It’s always a good idea to wipe your nails down with alcohol to remove any oils and then wash!

Are there any nail trends that are good for beginners to try?
I love polka dots- SO easy!

What are some tips for doing basic nail art (french manicure, dots, stripes)?
For polka dots I use a toothpick (for tiny dots) or the end of an old makeup brush for larger ones. I start with the larger dots and fill in with a few smaller. Keep the number uneven- it looks better! I also quickly remove any polish that got on my hands or around my nails with a small brush that I dipped in nail polish remover.

How do you change up your DIY manicures for special events?
I love adding a glitter top coat!

What are your favorite colors from Perfect Formula?
I love the Perfect Formula Gel Color Light Taupe.


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