Mani Monday with Justine De Jesus

Mani Monday with Justine De Jesus
Today’s Mani Monday is from world-traveler and mom of 3, Justine De Jesus. Justine knows what it’s like to be busy and using your hands all day; she’s currently preparing her family to move across the world and doesn’t have time to break a nail or sneak out for a manicure. Luckily, she’s an old pro at the DIY manicures and is sharing her top tips with us today. You can find Justine on Instagram and her website.

How do you prep your hands for the perfect at-home manicure?
I make sure to take off any old nail polish, apply cuticle oil and coconut oil to moisturize my hands, I push back my cuticles, and then prep my nails with nail polish remover again before painting them.

Are there any nail trends that are good for beginners to try?
Use neutral colors! If you’re new at painting your nails, neutrals are perfect because if your application isn’t pristine you can’t really tell!

What are some tips for doing basic nail art (french manicure, dots, stripes)?
Invest in a nail pen and be patient. Using a pen is MUCH EASIER because its like doodling on a small piece of paper rather than painting with a big brush on small paper!

How do you change up your DIY manicures for special events?
I don’t really, but I change the day I paint my nails. I normally paint my nails on Sunday nights, to have pretty nails all week. Since most events happen on Friday or Saturday nights, I make sure to paint my nails on Thursday or Friday night — depending on when the event is!

What are your favorite colors from Perfect Formula?
I need gel coats. As mom of three, I need something that will withstand chores, soccer practice, making dinner, and LIFE. I’m a big fan of neutral colors. I love the Perfect Formula Gel Colors in Powder Pink, Light Taupe, Delicate, and Mauve.


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