Crystal Pedi-Buff


A top tool for pedicures

Say goodbye to rough, calloused skin forever! The exclusive Crystal Pedi-Buff doffs rough, dry skin giving you soft, smooth, sandal-ready feet year-round. And with its comfortable, ergonomic handle, incorporating it into your weekly routine is easy and pain-free.

Have a spa day for your feet every day! The antibacterial surface of this patented exfoliator makes it safe to leave in the shower. Plus, its state-of-the-art crystal surface will never dull!

“I wanted to send a thank-you message on how happy I am with your Pink Gel Coat. I have never sent a company my review on any product, but this product is absolutely wonderful!! My nails are sooo strong after taking my acrylic nails off. I will never put them back on as long as you still make this product. Thank you again!” – Kathy McCarthy

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me the longest fingernails I’ve ever had in my life. After double digit years of wearing artificial nails (either salon tips and acrylics or glue-on nails), I stopped two and a half years ago. I’d tried to many strengtheners with a modicum of success. Then, a few months ago, I happened across Perfect Formula on QVC. I’m hooked!! My nails are still a bit brittle (they always have been) but, with your protective strengthening Nail Polishes, they have been able to grow long! Friends are amazed and I always credit Perfect Formula for the transformation. You make marvelous products!” – Linda Friday

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