Mani-Pedi Essentials Kit


Strengthen, Groom, Beautify

The Mani-Pedi Essentials Set contains seven of Perfect Formula’s most popular items to ensure healthy, strong, beautiful nails:

Pink Gel Coat contains a hint of pink and an optical brightener to bring out the natural color in your nail bed and filter out any yellow appearance in your nail. Pink Gel Coat gives nails a rosy glow and makes the whites of your nails whiter. Nails immediately appear healthier.

Gel Coat is a clear and glossy, protein-rich formula which instantly strengthens, seals, and protects natural nails.

Powder Pink Gel Coat Color is the same fabulous Gel Coat strengthening formula in a classic color.

For all your trimming needs, this nail set also features a Crystal Nail File, Nail Clippers, Cuticle Nippers, and a Cuticle Pusher.

Plus, this nail set – that includes everything for your manicure pedicure grooming needs – comes in a convenient travel case.

The Mani-Pedi Essentials Set includes:

0.60 fl oz Pink Gel Coat
0.60 fl oz Gel Coat
0.17 fl oz Powder Pink Gel Coat Color
Nail Clippers
Cuticle Pusher
Crystal Nail File
Cuticle Nippers


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