Product & General Use

Q. What is Perfect Formula?

A. Perfect Formula is a luxury nail care line specially formulated to treat common problems including brittle, weak, peeling and damaged nails. This revolutionary collection of products strengthens and conditions nails to help make your natural nails grow longer and healthier.


Q. How often should I apply Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat or Gel Coat?

A. One or two coats once per week.For best results, remove any previous coats using regular nail polish remover prior to new application.


Q. Can I put my regular nail polish on top of Gel Coat?

A. Yes! Perfect Formula Gel Coat is formulated as a base coat that strengthens your nails and will also help your favorite nail polish color last longer.


Q. When should I use Pink Gel Coat, Gel Coat, or Gel Coat Color?

A. Choose Pink Gel Coat for a healthy looking manicure with a rosy glow finish, choose Gel Coat if you are going to be using nail color on top and choose Gel Coat Color for strong nails in one of Perfect Formula’s fashionable colors.


Q. How do I apply Gel Coat Color?

A. One brush stroke on each side of the nail and one down the middle.  Let dry to self-level and then apply additional coats as needed to achieve the desired effect.


Q: What are the Quick Dry Drops and when should it be applied?

A:   Perfect Formula’s new Quick Dry Drops with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E cuts your regular nail polish drying time in half while also protecting nails from smudging after application.  This is a perfect finishing touch after applying any of your own favorite polishes. Great for manicures and pedicures! The Quick Dry Drops are not necessary when using Perfect Formula’s Gel Coat, Pink Gel Coat or one of our Gel Coat Colors.


Q. What happens if the product inside my bottle gets thick?

A. Apply one or two drops of nail polish remover. Try to keep the bottle sealed as air will dry the product in the bottle, just as it does on your nails.


Q. What is the difference between Gel Coat Color and regular nail polish?

A. Gel Coat Color is our exclusive Gel Coat strengthening treatment formula with color added. No base or top coat is needed when you use one of Perfect Formula’s Gel Coat Colors.


Q. What is the life expectancy of the Perfect Formula products?

A. 12 months once opened, two years if unopened.


Q. How do I remove the Perfect Formula Gel Coat products?

A.Simply use any nail polish remover, no soaking necessary. Acetone remover is recommended.


Q. Can I use the clear Gel Coat as a topcoat?

A. Many people do use Gel Coat as a topcoat and love it.  However, It is actually formulated as a basecoat so it does not have all the necessary properties of a great topcoat. As a result, we highly recommend using Perfect Formula’s “My Favorite Topcoat” for a high-gloss, long lasting manicure.


Q. How do I use Perfect Formula Daily Moisture?

A. You can apply Daily Moisture either to your natural nail or on top of Gel Coat or Nail color polish once dry.  Brush Daily Moisture on top of nails, under nails, and on cuticles daily to maintain a healthy moisture balance of the nails and cuticles.  Do not use over wet nails or immediately before applying Gel Coat products.


Q. Do I need a base coat or topcoat with any Perfect Formula Gel Coat Color?

A. No, you do not need to apply a base coat or topcoat. Perfect Formula Gel Coat Color is a nail strengthener, base coat, topcoat and nail color all in one!


Q. What is the difference between Strengthening Therapy and Gel Coat?

A. Strengthening Therapy is formulated with Jojoba Oil to hydrate nails. Choose Strengthening Therapy as a base coat for dry brittle nails.  You may use Ruby Pink, Pink Gel Coat or Gel Coat over Strengthening Therapy.


Q. Is Manicure Booster a base coat or topcoat?

A. It is both. Manicure Booster will increase the wear of your manicure.  It will turn any ordinary nail polish into a Gel Manicure.  You may use Gel Coat as your base coat and Manicure Booster as your topcoat.


Nail Conditions

Q. What are brittle nails?

A. common nail problem among women, brittle nails make nails more susceptible to cracking, breaking, chipping, and splitting.


Q. What causes brittle nails?

A. Brittle nails are often caused by chemicals, detergents, allergens, and frequent polishing and polish removal. Most of the time, they are simply the result of frequent exposure to water.

Though it may seem counterintuitive, frequent dish-washing, hand-washing, or just plain living in a dry environment can dry out the nails. Natural nails typically get drier with age as well, as it is more difficult for the body to retain moisture. Sometimes, however, brittle nails are the result of an iron deficiency or other medical condition.


Q. How can Perfect Formula help?

A. When brittle nails are caused by environmental factors, Perfect Formula can help by restoring moisture, strength and flexibility to your nails. Win the battle over brittle nails with the Strong Nail System for the best in intensive hydration for healthy nails.


Q. What do weak, soft, thin nails look like?

A. Thin nails can be similar to brittle nails in that they snag and split more easily than healthy nails. They can also peel or tear at the most inconvenient time.


Q. What causes weak, soft, thin nails?

A. The same environmental factors that cause brittle nails can also cause thin nails. If your hands are in and out of the water often, your nail cells experience stress as they constantly swell and shrink in size to accommodate the presence or lack of moisture.

Environmental trauma also contributes to the splitting associated with both brittle and weak nails. The nails of those who garden or do daily physical labor like construction or domestic chores are particularly susceptible.


Q. How can Perfect Formula help?

A. Win the battle over thin, weak nails caused by the daily abuses of everyday life with Perfect Formula’s Gel Coat or our Pink Gel Coat. You will never need to wear acrylic nails again!


Q. What are yellow nails?

A. Yellow nails can turn the look of natural nails from fresh to dull and downright unattractive. Although it may not mean your nails are unhealthy, yellow nails can give that impression.


Q. What causes yellow nails?

A. Yellowing of the nails happens over time to frequent polish-wearers as the pigments from polishes stain nails. Another culprit is the harsh acetone found in most polish removers, which can turn once bright, healthy-looking nails dingy.

Medically, yellow nails can be an indication of a fungal infection, an ongoing respiratory ailment, or other medical condition.


Q. How can Perfect Formula help?

A. Luckily, Perfect Formula has the beauty remedy for yellow nails. If you suffer from the staining effect of polishes or effects of harsh acetone nail polish remover, you can refresh your natural nails with a tailored tonic. Our Pink Gel Coat is formulated with an optical brightener that illuminates the underlying healthy color of your natural nail.


Medical Disclaimer: The information and recommendations contained on this site is for educational purposes, and are not intended as a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. Seek the advice of a qualified health provider for any medical condition.