Mani Monday with Katie Crenshaw

Today’s Mani Monday tips are from a work-at-home mom and blogger, Katie Crenshaw, who knows all too well that it’s hard to sneak out for a manicure with little kids at home, so she is sharing her top tips for creating the perfect at-home DIY manicure with Perfect Formula. Katie is a mom of three, lifestyle blogger and influencer, and writer. You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, and her website. Check out her super handy tips for a DIY manicure below!

How do you prep your hands for the perfect at-home manicure?
I wash my hands, push back and trim cuticles, file nails, and pray that no kids need to be picked up before my nails dry.

Are there any nail trends that are good for beginners to try?
I like simple things like an accent nail of a different shade, and I am loving the almond shaped trend too.

What are some tips for doing basic nail art (french manicure, dots, stripes)?
I am a nail minimalist, so I don’t do much art. Start with tiny dots on just one nail for extra fun- dots are easy with a tiny tap of the brush.

How do you change up your DIY manicures for special events?
I like to wear nude for events because it matches everything and I rarely know what I am wearing until the very last minute.

What are your favorite colors from Perfect Formula?
Love, Dozen Roses and Field of Dreams


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