Perfectly Strong Women: Skyler Day

Perfectly Strong Women: Skyler Day
Name: Skyler Day
Occupation: Singer/Songwriter/Actress
Age: 26
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Perfect Formula Product Used: Pink Gel Coat


How long have you been practicing your trade?
Well, if we go back to the very beginning, I started singing and acting in school plays and church events when I was 6 years old. At 10, I began writing songs and got my first FILM/TV agent. Then at 14 I started playing guitar. So I guess that means I’ve been doing this for 20 years! That is if you count the 6 year old actress/singer me.

What is your definition of a Perfectly Strong Woman?
To me, a perfectly strong woman is someone who feels free to be herself, as well as believe in herself, and doesn’t apologize for it. Someone who lives their life without looking for validation or approval from others. It’s always incredible to see someone who has found that kind of strength and freedom. It’s inspiring and liberating!

Tell us more about your business.
I released my second EP “Los Angeles”, which I wrote and produced with Steven Solomon (James Arthur “Say You Won’t Let Go”), this past Summer. You can get it on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. It’s on all the music platforms! You can learn more about my music on my website.

What is one piece of advice that you would give a young woman aspiring to fulfill her dream?
This might sound strange or harsh, but the best thing I can say is that — Nobody is watching you. I used to (and sometimes still do) struggle with the ole “what will other people think” issue and it has kept me from doing things that could have been amazing had I stopped worrying about everyone else. In the end people are too concerned about their own situations to sit there and judge you. It’s an incredible feeling to forget about what other people think and just let go. So go chase your dreams with reckless abandon, forget about everyone else and just do what makes YOU happy, simply because it makes you happy. Amazing things will come of it.

Name the one woman who has been most influential in pursuing your dream/craft.
My mom, hands down. She has fiercely supported me, believed in me and dedicated so much of her life to helping me achieve my dreams. She taught me the importance of hard work and persistence, especially in the face of rejection. My mom is everything to me and I truly would not have any of the success I’ve had without her.

As a busy woman, what is a time-saving technique or life hack that you would share?
LISTS! I love making lists! I like sitting down and figuring out what I need to get done for the day/week and then getting to check it off. It keeps me on task but is also satisfying to watch the list get smaller.

What is your guilty pleasure?
If we’re talking food — Flaming Hot Cheetos or Taki’s!!! If we’re not talking food — America’s Next Top Model and old Lizzie McGuire episodes.

What are some skin care/beauty tips that you would like to share that will help a woman look her best and feel confident?
Moisturize and use sunscreen!!! I’ve always been obsessed with skin care and feel it’s incredibly important to moisturize every day and use sunscreen when you’re outside. And hydrate! Water water water. All the time. Also, I always have aquaphor in my purse and use it to keep moisturized throughout the day. I use it on my hands, lips, eyes… everything!


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