Mani Monday with Kerry Miller

Mani Monday with Kerry Miller
Today’s Mani Monday is from style blogger Kerry Miller. You can find Kerry on Instagram.


How do you prep your hands for the perfect at-home manicure?
A perfect at home manicure is a part of my selfcare routine. My routine for prepping for an at home manicure is first setting up outside in the sunshine. After being set up outside in the sunshine, I put oil and lotion on along with gloves so my hands are nice and moisturized. Before I know it my nails are ready for an at home manicure.

Are there any nail trends that are good for beginners to try?
A fun new nail trend is the mismatched color manicure. You can have a different color on each nail or change it up with different colored polka dots. Don’t be afraid of trying out all the colors.

What are some tips for doing basic nail art (french manicure, dots, stripes)?
My go to that I am obsessed with is on each of my ring fingers splashing some glitter on them to give my manicure that little extra sparkle.

What are your favorite colors from Perfect Formula?
So many to choose from, but right now I am really loving the Clear Gel Coat with Bright Out polish.


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