Perfectly Strong Women: Victoria James

Perfectly Strong Women: Victoria James
Saturday, June 10th is National Rosé Day, which makes us even more excited about this month’s installation of Perfectly Strong Women! We recently met with Victoria James, Sommelier and Author of DRINK PINK, A Celebration of Rosé at Piora restaurant in NYC.


What is your definition of a Perfectly Strong Woman?
One that embraces who she is, constantly tries to better herself and always strives to add meaning to her life and others.


Name the one woman who has been most influential in pursuing your dream/craft.
My little sister, Laura James. I wanted to give her someone she could look up to and respect, it is solely because of her that I am where I am today. With Laura always watching, I was driven to pursue my passions and work hard.


Tell us more about what you do.
I have been working in restaurants since I was 13 and when I began college started bartending. From there, my interest in beverage grew and eventually I went on to become a sommelier at age 21. That was five years ago. As a sommelier, my job is to order beverage for the restaurants- build an awesome wine list, work with the bar program and use this all as a tool in hospitality.
I travel all around the world to find delicious wines from small growers and families. I also am the author of DRINK PINK, A Celebration of Rosé. An avid drinker of rosé, I reveal the history of the misunderstood beverage, the most important regions and styles as well recipes that go well with the pink drink.


What is one piece of advice that you would give a young woman aspiring to fulfill her dream?
I think, too often, women believe that they need to “act like a man” in order to get ahead. In such a male-dominated industry like the wine world, I was given this advice early on. It wasn’t until later that I realized my strength and power lied in who I was, a young woman! Embrace your feminism and use the unique traits you have to fulfill your dream.

As a busy woman, what is a time-saving technique or life hack that you would share?
Only award your time to those who deserve it. Persons who are negative, self-involved or too keen on meaningless activities will monopolize all of your time, if you let them. Keep an intimate group of friends who are constantly helping one another out and building lives with purpose.

What is your one guilty pleasure?
Sleep! Although I am incredibly busy, I always try to get a good night’s sleep.



 Photography: Sinnerman Photography



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