Perfectly Strong Women: Dawn Langstroth

Perfectly Strong Women: Dawn Langstroth
Name: Dawn Langstroth
Occupation: Professional Artist/Entertainer
Age: 39
Location: Toronto, Canada
Perfect Formula Product Used: Ruby Pink Gel Coat

How long have you been practicing your trade?
I’ve been doing art since I could hold a mark-making tool in my hand.

What is your definition of a Perfectly Strong Woman?
Resilient, adaptable, compassionate and kind.

Tell us more about your business.
I create custom works of art in a wonky style that I developed after becoming bored with painting in a solely realistic style. Come check out my wonky works at my website to see for yourself: http://dawnlangstroth.com.

What is one piece of advice that you would give a young woman aspiring to fulfill her dream?
Keep your eyes and ears open, and always be willing to learn everything you possibly can.

Name the one woman who has been most influential in pursuing your dream/craft.
My Mom. She honed her craft and not only influenced me, but has influenced a multitude of Canadian and international artists.

As a busy woman, what is a time-saving technique or life hack that you would share?
Stay organized. Plan ahead.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Two consecutive days away from work and So Delicious gluten free, dairy free cookie dough ice cream…

What are some tips on how a woman can feel confident?
Always enter a room smiling.



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