Mani Monday with Ashlyn Greene

Mani Monday with Ashlyn Greene

Today’s Mani Monday is from content creator Ashlyn Greene. As a content creator and mama, Ashlyn uses her hands non-stop, both behind the camera and in front! Her nails have to stay strong, and also look great. Check out how she does her DIY manicure and why she always has Q-Tips on-hand for DIY manis.

You can find Ashlyn and follow her journeys on Instagram.

How do you prep your hands for the perfect at-home manicure?
I am not a super perfectionist so simple is best for me! All I do is take off any previous polish with nail polish remover and wash my hands!! And then I’m ready to go! I personally love the square look, so I like to clip my nails straight across where it takes the curve out of the tips!

Are there any nail trends that are good for beginners to try?
I would consider myself a beginner so I’m all about this! My tip is…keep Q-tips with nail polish remover close by to clean up the area.

What are some tips for doing basic nail art (french manicure, dots, stripes)?
When trying a nail art I like to paint my base coat first and go from there! If I’m doing polka dots I’ll take a tooth pick and dip it in another color that way I have control of how big the dot is. If I’m doing French manicure this process is a little longer. Once the base coat is completely dry I will apply tape to the majority of my nail leaving just the tip out. And then I paint the tip a lighter color!

How do you change up your DIY manicures for special events?
I love to change up my colors all the time so honestly for special events I’d prolly go with a darker more prominent color. So I would just use nail polish remover and get all the precious color off and go from there with your new color!

What are your favorite colors from Perfect Formula?
My favorite Perfect Formula is the Gel Coat Color Delicate.


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