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Perfectly Strong Women: Clare Langan

Name: Clare Langan Occupation: Chef and Culinary Producer Age: 31 Location: Astoria, NY Perfect Formula Product Used: Poised Gel Coat Color   How long have you been practicing your trade? 8 years Tell us more about your business. My business is rooted in my training as a professional chef. I opted early on to go the less-traditional […]

Mani Monday with Jennifer Brock

Today’s Mani Monday is from Mom, Beauty & Style blogger Jennifer Brock. You can find Jennifer on Instagram. How do you prep your hands for the perfect at-home manicure? I always start by prepping my nails by trimming them and filing them so they are my desired shape and length. Then I choose my favorite […]

Mani Monday with Ashlyn Greene

Today’s Mani Monday is from content creator Ashlyn Greene. As a content creator and mama, Ashlyn uses her hands non-stop, both behind the camera and in front! Her nails have to stay strong, and also look great. Check out how she does her DIY manicure and why she always has Q-Tips on-hand for DIY manis. […]

Mani Monday with Courtney Woods

Today’s Mani Monday is from working mom of three gals and photographer Courtney Woods. Check out her top tips for a home manicure and the easy nail trend she’s currently digging. You can find Courtney on Instagram and her photography Facebook page. How do you prep your hands for the perfect at-home manicure? I always […]

Mani Monday with Justine De Jesus

Today’s Mani Monday is from world-traveler and mom of 3, Justine De Jesus. Justine knows what it’s like to be busy and using your hands all day; she’s currently preparing her family to move across the world and doesn’t have time to break a nail or sneak out for a manicure. Luckily, she’s an old […]


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